Blog Topic Idea Boosters

General Blog Topics for Brainstorming

You know that you need to blog as part of your business marketing strategy, but coming up with ideas can be difficult! As the expert in your business, it’s easy to lose sight of what others can learn from you.

Schedule a brainstorming session dedicated to thinking of blog topics, and you’ll be surprised at how many come to mind. Prepare for that brainstorming session with a few of these ideas:

  • Make a note when you answer a customer question and keep track of recurring questions.
  • Make a note when you solve a tricky client problem.
  • Make a note when you learn something new.
  • Think back to the first thing that made you want to go into business for your product or service.
  • Research the news or regulatory agencies for changes and updates in your industry.
  • Ask a few friends or family members what they think you do.
  • Ask a referral partner what they tell people you do.
  • Ask a current client what they learned from you, your product, your service, or your website.

Once you have a pile of notes, you can begin brainstorming for blog topics. Add relevant keywords to the notes to help determine which ideas will be great for optimizing. Now it’s finally time to make a list of potential blog posts.

What’s the best format for a post? There are several ways to write a compelling post:

  • Define and explain an industry term – Simplify something that makes sense to you but might sound like jargon to the general public. Your list of keywords might be a great prompt for this style of post.
  • Write a case study for a common issue – Give your potential clients something they can relate to by writing the story of how you helped someone in the same situation. If you solved the problem for someone else, they are more likely to hire you to solve it for them!
  • Teach how to do something you do – By teaching or suggesting how people might do something on their own, you provide value and build trust. These posts position you as an expert, which turns readers into clients.

Turn your knowledge into value with your small business blog to build relationships, generate leads, and turn potential clients into paying clients.

If you’re ready to turn your ideas into great content, contact us to outsource the writing so you can get back to work!