Sculpted Editorial Solutions


Organization is a key component of time management. For small business owners, time management is money management. The time small business owners spend dealing with documents and communications comes at a cost. My goal is to reduce that cost to its most efficient state so business owners can work on the business they know best while sending a consistent and branded message internally and externally.

Leah’s Story

Words are my art. Give me a paintbrush, and all I can make is a mess. The written document is my canvas. My craft is to take words and shape them into something that is clear, concise, and informative.
Having spent the majority of my career in the business world, I’ve developed a passion for written business communications. We all work very hard at what we do, and not having time to write should not impede our ability to earn an income.
As a business writing specialist, my job is to make sure the words that reflect your business are on point. When I apply my writing and editorial skills to your business writing needs, you end up with great copy and less stress. 

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