Blogging for Business Marketing

What Does a Company Blog do For Marketing?

Many business owners know blogging is something they should do, but they aren’t always clear on why they should post blogs or how it is part of their digital marketing strategy.

Your blog fits into your marketing plan in several ways:

  • It adds value – By using your blog to tell potential clients about your services, share industry information, or teach people something new, you are giving something of value to people who visit your company website. This builds relationships and encourages potential clients to hire or buy from you.
  • It makes Google happy – Google’s crawlers are keeping an eye on your website to see if you are updating it and to see how long people interact with it. When you post new blogs on a schedule, people who visit your site have a reason to stay longer. When Google sees that you’re producing new content and that users are having a longer site experience, they move you up the search ranks.
  • It improves Search Engine Optimization – The goal of SEO is to make sure that potential clients find you when they search for keywords associated with your brand. While keywords are essential to your search rankings, they can’t be randomly stuffed into your website. Blog posts help you incorporate keywords into great content for optimized search rankings.
  • It simplifies content planning – Blogging is a great way to plan your weekly social media content. One blog post can be re-purposed into several social media posts. When you use those posts to link back to your blog, you’re building a more robust user experience, which is a great way to convert leads into sales.

Blogging for your small business is an effective part of your marketing strategy. A well-written blog makes it easier for your potential clients to find you, remember you, grow trust in you, and buy from you.

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