Editor On Demand

Retainer Client Promotion

In your small business, writing needs often pop up at very random intervals. You need to renew a contract and gently tell a client that you are raising your rates. You are hiring and want the most attractive job ad possible. One of the major local circulars is designing your holiday promotion. You want to send a mass email to your clients about changes or promotions in the new year.

When you have something to communicate to your client base, or to your wider marketing target, everything you say has the potential to make you more successful. With that in mind, how long do you spend crafting your words? Some business owners take an entire day to write 3 paragraphs. I can understand that, because it really is that important sometimes! Here’s the big question: what is that writing time costing you? What else could you be doing for your business if you were to outsource that writing project?

Retainer Clients at Sculpted Editorial Solutions enjoy the freedom of getting back to their day to day operations with peace of mind that their communications are being handled. For a small quarterly fee, clients can send rough drafts or emails with clear notes about the communication they need, up to 8 per quarter, and Sculpted takes it from there.

Within 3 days, we return a polished and professional document that you can distribute with confidence. Edits are available to make sure we’ve written everything to your specifications.

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