Never Get Lost in Translation

Bilingual Business Owners

If you immigrated to the U.S.A. to realize your dreams, you have my deepest respect. The barriers you’ve overcome are not to be taken lightly, and you are probably miles ahead of the average business owner in terms of motivation and determination. Being bilingual is a great benefit for the potential of your business reach, since you can cast a wider net.

As most of us know, being passably literate in a language is different than trying to make a living using it. Chances are, you naturally tend to default to the sentence structure and grammar rules of your native language when you write in English. If you learned English in a country that taught British English, you will also spell things differently than we spell them here.

When you work with Sculpted Editorial to edit your written materials, you will experience respect for your expertise in your field. We believe in your business knowledge, and we want to help you communicate that knowledge to your market. You impart the information; we will make sure it’s a polished and professional reflection of your brand.

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