Employee Management Documents

Stop Managing by Post-It

Great news: your business is growing! You have hired employees, and things are moving in the right direction. While this is exactly the outcome you hoped for, it’s not without its own challenges. Employees come with regulations, paperwork, and a deeper level of administration on your part.

With only one or two employees, especially at the beginning, you’ll find yourself giving a lot of verbal instructions and reminding by Post-It note. At some point, this method will become unsustainable. You need rules, policies, and procedures. 

Your payroll company may offer a downloadable employee handbook. This will be very generic, and you won’t really know what is missing until you run into a problem.

You can have your employees help you write procedures as they become more familiar with their positions, but you’ll need to make sure they are performing tasks the way you intend.

You might be very flexible with your first employees, but as you grow, will a lack of policies make it difficult to manage and track a larger staff?

Employee administration isn’t any owner’s favorite part of doing business. It’s paperwork, it’s management, and it’s not within everyone’s skill set. The earlier you get administrative procedures in place, the easier it will be to keep your staff organized and informed. With a company-specific handbook, detailed policies, and centralized procedures, everyone is on the same page about rules and expectations. This makes management, especially the discipline aspect, much more consistent and formulaic across your company.

Do you need help getting through this stage of development? Sculpted Editorial Solutions will help you create the handbook, policies, and procedures that fit your needs. With consistent language and formatting, your employees will see you as an organized and efficient employer. Clearly communicated expectations give employees a sense of confidence in their workplace, which encourages their best performance.

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