Social Media Semantics

Proof Those Posts

As a business owner, you know that social media is one way you must reach your audience. But if you think that just throwing a post out there every few days meets your goal for exposure, think again. When you post as a business to social media, you are advertising, and advertising is a reflection of your brand. If your posts are sloppy, misspelled, or poorly constructed, you are underestimating your potential customers.

While many of us have trained our brains to skim as we scroll, we all pause to read posts by businesses that interest us. If those posts are difficult to read, we will quickly lose interest in the business, and they’ll just be another thumb swipe in the scroll. 

Take time to plan your social media posts just as you take time for scheduling staff, ordering inventory, or accomplishing client work. Set aside time to plan your posts for the week. Make sure you proofread everything you write, even if it’s just a one-liner! Your followers can tell if you are taking your business (and them) seriously, so make your impression count.

Do you need an extra set of eyes on your posts? For a low monthly fee, Sculpted Editorial Solutions will review all of your posts each week to make sure you are putting your best words forward. Contact us today to see how we can help.