Writing Mechanics Matter

How your writing reflects your brand

In today’s world of SEO and instant digital marketing, the pressure to publish content at breakneck speed forces many business owners to skip the crucial step of editing their work. We have been conditioned to include all the right keywords and employ the right sentence and paragraph lengths, but who is making sure the content is actually well-written?

Unfortunately, most marketing and SEO professionals today are not trained writers. Review the coursework for a Marketing major at any accredited university, and you’ll find that the focus is on business and consumer behavior. Even though so much of today’s marketing is done in the form of words, using good mechanics takes a back seat to using keyword combinations that attract the almighty bots.

Succinct copy across a company’s brand sets it apart and helps customers take notice. How often do you notice grammatical errors in the ads of major retailers vs. local boutiques? Those who can afford an entire writing department never let a poorly executed sentence slip through to the public. Small businesses can present the same polished look without having a full-time writer on staff. 
At Sculpted Editorial Solutions, business writing is our passion. We are a small business for small business. With an editor on call, you can get your copy ready to publish quickly and present an image that’s on par with the big leagues without breaking the bank. Contact us today to see how we can help you.